Sunday, May 1, 2011

Top Five Season One Moments

In honor of me FINALLY finishing season one, I decided to resurrect my favorite style of post- The Top Five!!!!

5. Jessica's Leopard Bikini ("Skin and Bones")
It would be wrong of me not to include this! She is SO HOTT in that scene, plus it's a MONTAGE! Like, I fell in love with this girl watching this. Amazing.

4. KURT RAMBIS ("Club X")
Watching this back in the day, I had no idea who Kurt Rambis was. I was more of a baseball girl and he -obviously- played basketball, so I didn't fully appreciate it for what it was. When I re-watched it (a mere 2 hours after seeing Kurt in person!), I was pleasantly surprised. Even the BF was a little blown away by it, and that's pretty rare. Sadly, I never got my DVD signed, but at least I had a good laugh every time I saw him after this!!! Plus, I was super impressed that he beat THE Todd Wilkins (in the form of a MONTAGE!, of course). I informed him of this, and he smiled slightly, probably remembering how he got to meet BRUCE!!!

3. Liz's Motorcycle Accident ("Coma")
As many of you know, I detest Elizabeth Wakefield for many reasons. This episode made season one a little more tolerable. I liked that Liz slept through most of it (and got in an accident!) and that she woke up almost as cool as the rest of us. Her and Bruce making out in 1BRUCE1 was one of the high points thus far. Too bad she had to go and ruin it by returning to normal Liz.

2. "Uh-Oh Seven"
Initially, I hated this episode. I found it boring and confusing back when I first saw it (and when I re-watched it after the DVD came out), but I have since became a fan of James Bond. Basically, this episode was a rip-off of a couple Bond movies (with names changed slightly), and there was lots of BRUCE!!! Plus, it featured Liz writing the episode as a story, so she was barely in it. Jess looked SUPER hot, and she was the star of the episode. Also, I had lots of fun looking up the characters from the Bond films (Octopussy = OctoPatti, Gold Fowler = Goldfinger, ect.) and matching them to Liz's rip-offs. And did I mention BRUCE?!?!

and my #1 moment...

1. "Kidnapped"
It just doesn't get any better than a three-part episode, unless it involves Liz being bound and gagged!!! Throw in some random Bruce action, a crazed psycho, Nicholas Morrow, AND THREE MONTAGES!!!, and you have what is simply...THE BEST EPISODE EVER!!! All of the elements combined in perfect alignment to produce a very dramatic, action-packed "total 9-1-1"!!! Even if it didn't follow the book correctly (Carl/Peter/Whatever), I can get past that and enjoy this episode for wit's many redeeming elements.

****A Look Into The Future****
*Todd returns, and all hell breaks loose.
*Totally unnecessary scenes featuring Liz and Jess in bikinis!!!
*Jess has a new love interest.
*SarahLynn tries desperately not to throw stuff at the screen every time Enid is in a scene.
*About 237 parties.

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