Thursday, July 14, 2011


Hey Strangers,
I know I swore I would return to posting soon, but life got a little crazy on me. Getting over the breakup was easy enough, but restarting life at 25 has not been so easy. On the positive side, I have discovered the wonderful world of DATING!!! I never knew what I was missing!!!! Damn, this is FUN!!! On the other hand, I still haven't gone back to work so I'm broke, and living with Mom is STRESSFUL!!!! Seriously, I'm more stressed about my living situation than anything else. Also, I still have yet to buy a new laptop and I'm forced to share my little sister's (she's been great about this, but Facebook keeps occupying most of my time...damn boys!!!!). I have a few recaps ready to bust out, so expect my triumphant return any time now!!!