SarahLynn's Favorite Abbreviations

I abbreviate A LOT. Here are some of my most-used terms (I'll keep adding as I go):

BM: Big Mesa
B-Patz, BP: Bruce Patman
DB: Dairi Burger
Eeny: Enid
FP: Francine Pascal
HD: Hot Dog
JP: The Jungle Prom
JS: Jamie Suzanne
KW: Kate William
MB: The Moon Beach
PA: Prince Arthur Castillo of Santa Dora
PBA: Phi Beta Alpha
PBE: Phi Beta Epsilon
SV: Sweet Valley
SVC: Sweet Valley Confidential
SVH: Sweet Valley High
SVT: Sweet Valley Twins
T-Wilk: Todd Wilkins
UC: The Unicorn Club
Win: Winston Egbert