Friday, May 20, 2011

Good afternoon, World!!!!
It's Friday (Friday, gotta get down on Friday!!!) and I'm feeling lazy today so I probably won't get back to recapping SVH season 2 until after the weekend. Unless, of course, the world IS actually ending tomorrow. In which case, that will probably get me out of having to work all weekend, so then I'd have more free time... Of course, it wouldn't even matter because we'd all be gone!!!
And, BTW, I just looked at my blog stats and I noticed that I've reached 1200 page views!!! WOW. I never thought that anybody would read this!!!! I'm thrilled that people actually do, so thank you very much!!!!
Love Forever,

And PS- whoever Googled "Cock cheating wife husband 'very jealous'" and found my blog instead, I hope I was able to help!!! Or maybe not... Either way, you win the prize for Most Random.

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