Thursday, April 28, 2011

Great TV Viewing (Season 1 , Episode 22) - "Say Goodbye"

We've FINALLY reached the end of the first season! Of course, I'm about halfway through season two on YouTube, so it's not the end of an era or anything just yet. My wrap-up on the entire first season will be posted at some point as well.
If memory serves, the book version of today's episode made it onto my Top Five SVH Moments list. This is the book where Tricia Martin dies, I believe. But, being that the show does not include Tricia OR Steven, I know this will be NOTHING like the book. Lucky for me, as I only read that book once. It was, however, part of a weird experience growing up...
The year was 1992 and I was about six years old. My sister and I shared a set of bunkbeds in a house that was built not far from a Native American burial ground (which we NEVER got to have a party on...damn you, SVT, for all your fun adventures!) and all this sacred land. We always thought our house was haunted (I'm not so sure of my beliefs on the subject at this point, but as a child I believed EVERYTHING was haunted, thanks again, SVT!) and one night a few books flew off of the tall bookshelf that was right next to our beds. This book was one of them. The others were 'Steven's Bride' and 'Caroline's Mystery Dolls', and they had been neatly ordered on the shelf. Nothing else was disturbed, but it became a running joke between me and my sister. Because we thought EVERYTHING was hilarious as children, including the paranormal. One of us would "hide" on the top bunk and throw this book when the other walked into the room, yelling "SAY GOODBYE!!!" as we threw. It was funny for whatever reason, and it amused us greatly. Weird, I know.
Okay, now that you all think I'm a complete loser (if you didn't before reading this, that is!), let's get season one finished!!!

We begin with Todd talking to the basketball coach. I love basketball!!! And so does Todd. He just got a scholarship to some snobby private school. He's going to be the new starting forward!!! (They only start ONE?!? Don't most teams start TWO? I think so.) But -there's always a BUT- the school is in VERMONT!!! Todd discusses it with Winston at the Moon Beach, and Win thinks Liz will understand. Apparently, Fairmont Academy has produced more NBA hopefuls than any other school. (And Google says it's in CALIFORNIA, I think Todd is LYING!!!!) If I were Todd, I would have gone to Oak Hill, just sayin'.
Todd goes to tell Liz and finds her at (surprise!) the Moon Beach. WITH Nicholas Morrow!!! Todd's upset that Nicholas is already moving in on Liz, but he's running late and has to go pack for his new school. Liz is mad that Todd hasn't had time to spend with her, so he promises to spend the following night with her. Alone. Holding hands and making out, I imagine. Win announces that he is throwing Todd a going away party that same night. Oh shit!!!
Liz talks to her parents during the commercial, and they allow her to go visit Todd for Thanksgiving, which is like a month away (WOW, judging from my TV timeline, they've been in school for about SIX months and it's STILL only October? Weird). Why she even bothered to ask, I have no idea. They didn't seem to care when Todd moved in or when she AND Jess got kidnapped or when they had that party with Leonardo DiCaprio in The Basketball Diaries... Todd isn't thrilled, so Liz says she'll come for Christmas instead, but Todd says he'll be really busy with the basketball season for like forever. Liz doesn't take the hint and she gives Todd a really ugly framed photo of herself. It's REALLY not her best photo, he would probably have been happier if it was a pic of JESS!!! Liz promises that nothing will change between them.
Win throws his Moon Beach party and Enid drags Liz to it. She tells Liz to focus on the food and not cry. I. HATE. ENID. Seriously!!! Of course, Bruce has to tell Liz how HOTT the Fairmont Academy girls are rumored to be. Todd doesn't help matters. He's too busy working the room to even say hello to Liz. She talks to Nicholas instead and tries to pull Todd away from everybody. So they can go to Miller's Point and hold hands and kiss, I guess. Winston isn't having that. He quickly jumps up and makes a toast in Todd's honor. It involves something about a Mork and Mindy lunchbox, whatever THAT means... (*Googling*) Bottom line: Everybody will miss Todd a lot and Liz is pissed that she has to share Todd. I would think she would be used to that by now... Liz screams at Todd and they fight. Todd thinks she's hooking up with Nicholas, and Liz thinks he's ignoring her. And SarahLynn could care less. Where's Jessica?!?! And BRUCE? Todd goes back to his party and Liz goes home.
Two weeks pass and Jess finally shows up! She's decided it's time for Liz to date again. She pimps Liz out to every guy at school, and tries to flirt with Nicholas. Of course, Nicholas likes LIZ, not Jess. He asks Liz out for a boating date and Jess is very unhappy about this.
Of course, we HAVE to have a revenge-driven subplot. Jess decides that she'll call Todd and lure him home. Then he will find Liz and Nicholas. Somehow, Jess thinks this will end with Nicholas in her arms. I fail to see her logic for the 137th time. Lila does as well. She knows this plan will backfire, and it does.
Todd flies home at rapid speed and arrives in time to see Liz and Nicholas returning home. He promptly leaves upon seeing this and Liz chases after him. Jess is left alone with Nicholas and she makes her move. He promptly rejects her.
Liz finds him at the pier with Winston. Winston leaves them alone (FINALLY!) and Liz explains. It all ends with Todd wanting to move back. Liz refuses to let him ruin his basketball playing opportunity, but she does get him all to herself for the weekend. Yay, I guess?
Even grosser is the MONTAGE! Lots of Liz and Todd moments. And kissing. Ewwww, that's really too much!!! I could have done without the montage this time...
Todd gets on the plane to Vermont and promises to make it work with Liz. Liz randomly runs into Nicholas, who JUST HAPPENED to be hanging out at the airport... She agrees to go have lunch with him. Of course, Todd runs off the plane for some reason and witnesses all of this...

****The SarahLynn Summary****
*Always wait until your significant other's plane has taken off to begin dating another guy.

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