Saturday, April 9, 2011

SVC Part 2: The SarahLynn Summary

*Jess stole Todd from Liz once back in high school. Liz wasn't too happy about it, but she got over it.
*Liz pushed Jess and Todd to be friends. It worked...sort of.
*Todd and Jessica had sex in college, everyone knew except for Liz.
*Jess got married again and moved to France. She loved Todd, so it didn't work out and she came home.
*Bruce fell in love with Liz. Todd fell in love with Jess. Winston dies, but he was a dick so nobody was that upset.
*Jess and Todd hooked up, Liz moved across the country to get away from them.
*Steven became gay at some point. Jess busted him out to his wife and ruined his life. But not really, because Steven and Aaron are happy together and Cara got over it.
*Lila and Ken got married, separated, and are on the verge of reconciling.
*Liz tried to break up Jess and Todd a month before their wedding. It didn't work.
*Liz had a fuck buddy in New York, but that storyline wrapped up at the perfect time.
*Bruce and Liz hooked up. We got to read about Naked Bruce. I loved that part.
*Jess and Todd got married. Liz was Maid of Honor and she learned to accept and love them.
*Everyone was happy and had a great time. Nobody said "fuck" at any point during the wedding.
*Some other people did some stuff, but it really wasn't important.
*The end.

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