Saturday, December 18, 2010

Great TV Viewing (Season 1, Episode 1) "Dangerous Love"

Since I'm low on books, I decided to kick off my entries with the pilot episode of the TV show. It's based on SVH #6, which I know I have read, but my ever-forgetful mind seems to be blanking on the details. I remember that this particular episode was on a VHS with "Kidnapped", and it was for rent at our local video store. I even remember renting it one time for a sleepover when I was in the fifth grade.
Wait- some of it is coming back to me as I write. Todd gets a motorcycle (because every rich J. Crew-wearing, BMW-driving, Wakefield-dating Sweet Valley douchebag needs to mix it up sometimes and spend MORE of Daddy's money on a cool new toy) and Liz goes for a ride with him. I also seem to remember her parents forbidding her to do so... Whatever the case, I'm sure something horrible happens to poor Liz and she learns a valuable lesson in the process *gag*.

We begin with the theme song- WOO HOO!!!! Yes, I sang along. Now we cut to Liz and Jess in the Jeep. It appears Liz and Jess are going to a party. Jess looks HOT!!! She's wearing this sexy little belly-bearing number and her hair is curly. Liz, in contrast, is wearing a sweater-thing and this ugly dress-type-thing that makes her look like somebody's mom. This is an AWESOME party!!! There's a DJ, and all of SVH's finest are in attendance, including SVH's answer to Regina George- LILA FOWLER!!! (Side note- why was Lila's hair red on the show? The books always said she had dark hair, right?)
Todd walks in, sporting a hideous khaki/light shirt/tie combo, with his perpetual BFF, Winston Eggbert. Screw Todd, who's this hottie? Apparently, he's Scott Daniels, and of course Jess spots him right away. I think I know where this is going...
Jess and Liz and BOTH running for Homecoming Queen- what?!?! And Liz WINS?!?! I demand a RECOUNT!!! And what about the absentee ballots?!?! Cue self-righteous, obviously fake Liz acceptance speech. Winston wins King though, hahaha. What an idiot. Nasty, Liz and Winston are dancing. I don't see nothing wrong with a little bump and grind, but that was skanky as hell. Damn Liz, right in front of Todd?!?!
Oh snap, Scott Daniels just met his dream girl- and it's NOT Jessica. He's obviously gay, so moving on...Where's Bruce Pattman at?!?!
Good thing Jessica's a genius- she calls Scott pretending to be Liz and asks to meet him at HIS place instead of the Wakefield house. She dresses in true Liz fashion, cardigan and all, and goes off to get her man.
I think Scott is trying to get Jess drunk...sooo, cut to Liz and Todd. "I cancelled my date, he stood me up," is Liz's explaination for the day's events. Whatever Liz. Awww, *gag*, Liz and Todd are in love. Excuse me while I vomit.
I hate when they combine books in these TV episodes...I remember that the "Eyes and Ears" gossip column's mystery writer was the subject of book number one, not "Dangerous Love", but I digress.
Eventually, Liz and Todd figure out what Jess did. And good timing too, because I think Scott may be a date rapist. Jess just wants to dance, but he's slipping her alcohol... GO JESS!!! She told his creepy ass off. Luckily, Liz and Todd arrive just in time to give poor Jess a ride home. I think I see a Sister Moment coming up...
Back at home, Jess is trying to apologize to Liz, but Liz isn't hearing it. What a bitch!!! Poor Jess was almost date raped, and all Liz can think about is how Jess stole her date, even though she just got back with Todd. Greedy little ho.
The next day, Jess is thrown into a dumpster at school. Apparently, the students of SVH mistook her for Liz and decided to punish her for writing "Eyes and Ears"... Hmmm, that was the end?!?! Anti-climactic, and I hate how Jess got SO abused during this episode. Plus, where was the MOTORCYCLE?!?! And Elizabeth's head splattered all over the pavement?!?! Wow, that was SO not how I imagined.

*Jessica's outfit in the opening scene, so in for that time period, complete with braids/curls.
*Jessica stealing Scott from Liz, and later telling him off.
*Todd threatening to kill Scott for almost date raping Jess. I knew he had a few redeeming moments.

*Liz and Winston's King and Queen dance. I could have done without that filth.
*Todd telling Liz he loves her. I think I threw up in my mouth a little. No 16 year olds should throw that word around so casually.

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