Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Just an FYI....

Hello again, friends!!!!
It appears that my life has become more dramatic than any SV book. My BF of NINE YEARS has decided to break up with me (5 days before our 9 year anniversary), so forgive me if I post too little (or too much...) in these upcoming days/weeks/months/ect. I cleaned out my recapping notebook last week, so my supply is limited to say the least (although I DO have another Unicorn Club recap coming your way, maybe as early as tomorrow). Also, I'm putting my original stories ("Freshman Year" and "...Winston") on hold until my situation improves. I'm sorry, but I have little energy for creative pursuits right now and I wouldn't want you to have to read subpar postings!!!!
Come back soon!!!!


  1. That sucks! Boys suck! I'm sorry to hear that though. The Wakefield twins do tend to make things better though with their ridiculous problems. :)

    Check out my blog if you have a chance:

    I just started it a couple months back but with school never got the chance to go on, but now I have time so I'm in the process of my next recap for SVC :)

    Hope things get better!!

  2. PS. love your blog. ESP the Unicorn series.

  3. Thanks, I'm drowning my sorrows by reading as much Sweet Valley as possible. And boys are evil, I agree!!! I'll check out your blog right now, and I'm adding it to my blog list.

  4. Wow. That really sucks. It must feel like you've been punched in the gut. I'm really sorry. I wish I had more to say! Hopefully Sweet Valley can bring some comfort as you turn your world right side up again. I look forward to your return & more recaps!
    All the best,
    = )

  5. Thanks. And your last post totally made me smile. Even as a kid I thought those descriptions were ridiculous, just like chapter 2 of any Baby-Sitters Club book. I always skipped those parts, but now I'm forced to pay attention to each and every one for blog analysis.

  6. aw, chin up and hope you gain some of your cheer back real soon... we've all been there xx

  7. Thanks!!! It's nice to know that people care about me :) I'm getting better every day, so hopefully I'll be back to posting real soon.