Friday, June 24, 2011

Back To Reality (Somewhat)

Hello again!!!!
After what has easily been the worst week of my life, I'm finding myself here in the midst of week 2 of the single life. I'm all moved in now, but I must regretfully inform you that I had to leave my laptop behind. I was devastated, but my mom does have a computer so I should be back on schedule really soon. I'm already bored of sitting at home (haven't been to work in over a week!!!) so I decided to attempt a post for you guys. Please forgive me if it lacks my usual touch, I've changed A LOT since he broke my heart. And thanks so much for being there for me while I'm going through this!!! I appreciate you beyond comprehension!!!
Here We Go Again...

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  1. I'm glad you're feeling much better! Emotions after breakups are very up & down and they come & go - it's truly horrible :-/
    It will get better though...i found throwing myself into work (not technically *work* work) a lifesaver for me...just make sure you've also someone to talk to about it all. xxx