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Great TV Viewing (Season 1 , Episode 11) - "Secrets"

I know I promised to recap this one like a week ago, but I was having too much fun reading the SVT Christmas books (I have at least one more Christmas-themed recap on deck for the week, so watch for it!). Chapter one of Freshman Year #2 was also promised, I know, so I'll add that to my To-Do List as well... Anyways, this episode marks the halfway point of SVH season one, and I actually remember this one (or so I think). TI believe this is the one where Enid admits to doing drugs back in the day. If memory serves, this episode isn't very good- but what do I know?!?! I though "Uh Oh Seven" was horrible before I watched it for the recap. And that turned out to be my second-favorite episode thus far!!!! ("Coma" is #1 so far...I just LOVE it!!!!) So let's see how I feel 22 minutes from now...


I hate Enid. Have I ever mentioned that before? She's every bit as pathetic as poor Lois Waller, only not as fat and like a million times more boring. Luckily, the episode doesn't start with her. Winston and Manny are doing a radio show and broadcasting from The Moon Beach. (Speaking of radio shows, I like that episode of Boy Meets World where Cory and Shawn had their own show and turned it into a dating game...) Winston is doing annoying sound effects, and I think I see token Black Carl in the background. They announce that there will be a video rave at some "video music station with the most happenin' tunes!", and I have to laugh at that. What is a "video rave"? I used to go to raves all the time during my junior high/ early high school years (Kandy Kidz 4 Life!!!! I had the rainbow bikini and the pacifier with the pigtails, maybe someday I'll post pics of that phase...), but I've never heard of that before. Either way, it's in Sweet Valley, so it's probably nothing like the raves I used to go to. (Speaking of raves, they also had one in another episode of Boy Meets World...) I was right about that, Manny says it's anti-drug month at the video music station... Manny and Winston's show is stupid (but they ARE playing the Beastie Boys!!!! "No Sleep Till Brooklyn" is one of my all-time favorites), and TB Carl offers to be their manager.
We are introduced to Ronnie Edwards (Enid's new BF, I observe) as he goes to inform Liz (in that hideous crocheted white vest-thing that she insists on wearing all the time), Todd, and Enid about the rave. Todd is very excited about it, and I'm totally picturing him at the parties I used to go to... Ronnie's dad (he owns the video music station, I guess) has picked Enid to be his anti-drug spokesperson. She gets to do PSAs AND go on tour with -wait for it- AEROSMITH!!!!! Todd asks if Enid can bring friends, but Enid doesn't seem so excited about it. Of course, Liz picks up on this right away and she immediately pounces on Enid, just waiting to meddle in her affairs. Three minutes in, and I'm already bored. Where's Bruce?
Apparently, he's not at the Wakefield's house, but Jessica and Lila are there. They're working out, and Jess is wearing tight red Adidas pants with a matching sports bra. Liz and Enid come in (Enid is wearing OVERALLS) and tell Jess and Lila about the anti-drug campaign. Jess is super excited (G-R-O-U-P-I-E!!!!) and she begs Enid to introduce her to Steven Tyler. Enid is still unsure about the whole thing, and Liz takes her upstairs to interrogate her so she can meddle. Jess thinks she should be the spokesperson instead, and Lila says she will wear a muumuu if Jess gets the job instead of Enid. If Jess fails, then she has to wear it. I bet she could manage to look gorgeous even in a muumuu. Jess and Lila finish working out and go eat some cookies.
Upstairs, Liz keeps bothering Enid about doing the PSAs, and Enid talks about her past. She moved to SV last year because she got in some sort of trouble. She was seeing this guy named George Warren, and he did DRUGS!!!! She loved him, so she tried them too. (Of course, Jess is eavesdropping in the bathroom...I wonder if she was in there vomiting up the post-workout cookies.) We flashback to the year before. Enid is drinking and smoking drugs with George, and they're SUPER WASTED!!!! So these two dumbasses decide to get in a car and DRIVE to another party. On the way, they hit another car. George and Enid survive, but the people in the other car are hurt, and Enid still feels guilty about it. She blames herself, even though George was driving, and she was only partying with him because she didn't want to lose him...that girl is such a follower!!! But I like partying Enid better than current Enid, so I want to know more... George and Enid still write letter to each other, and George is now out of rehab and he wants to see her. (What kind of rehab place is THAT?!?! First rule of rehab, cut all partying ties...) Liz has to give her opinion on all of this, of course. She thinks Enid should TELL Ronnie about everything and just be honest. (Like THAT would go over well...) Enid says she can't, and she swears Liz to secrecy (of course, Jess has heard EVERYTHING!!!!).
At school the next day, Jess sneaks into Enid's locker and steals a letter from George. She copies it and sticks it in Ronnie's locker. He finds it and reads it.
We switch to Winston and Manny at the MB, doing their show. Bruce is there (!!!!) and he looks gorgeous as always. He asks if Manny is going to the rave (and I immediately clear my schedule so I can attend this fictional party, because I go where Bruce goes). Liz, Todd, and Enid are also there, and Ronnie shows up... He's PISSED!!!! He calls George a "junkie" and says "I know all about your dope-smokin' days". I laugh at the way he says this, because it's pretty funny. Uh oh, everybody heard this!!!! Now everybody knows Enid is a drug addict!!!! Ronnie breaks up with her, and Enid blames Liz for telling him.
Liz tries to call Enid to apologize, but Enid hates her now so she just hangs up on her. I would do the same. In class, somebody passes Enid a note that reads "ENID IS A STONER"...which would probably have been more hurtful if they wrote it on the front page of the Oracle or the bathroom wall, but Enid still overreacts to it and yells at Liz because she still thinks Liz told everyone. Liz yells at EVERYONE for being mean to Enid. Enid runs out of school and crashes into Bruce. He wants to party with her!!!! But she's ENID (as opposed to SarahLynn), so she just keeps running.
Jess goes to the station and tries to get Ronnie's dad to hire her. He's totally checking out her ass, what a creeper. She pretends to be the chairperson for "Teens Against Drugs", and he totally falls for it. He keeps staring at her (even though this is probably the most un-revealing outfit in her entire's been a weird episode, outfit-wise) and it's really grossing me out. Dude, she's SIXTEEN, don't make me call Chris Hansen.
She goes to meet Lila at the MB, and gives her the muumuu. Lila won't wear it until she sees Jess on stage with Aerosmith because she doesn't believe Jess actually has the job. They get into Lila's car (a blue Miata, *disappointed sigh*) and go back to school. Just how long are these SVH lunch breaks anyways?!?! Liz wonders why Enid is blaming her, but then Todd finds Geroge's letter in the glovebox of the Jeep, and Liz figures out who's behind all of that. She storms back to school and yells at Jess in the hallway. She will probably never forgive Jess for this, and Enid is STILL not speaking to her.
Liz finally gets Enid to listen, and Enid doesn't care anymore. She's transferring to another school (sweet!!!), but Liz uses her magic and convinces Enid that everything will blow over eventually (because this IS Sweet Valley, after all. Stuff resolves itself in 300 pages -or in this case 22 minutes- or less on a daily basis).
Flash forward to the rave. Bruce is wearing an ugly vest and dancing with some girl. He thinks the "tunes" are "dope", LOL. I finally figured out what a "video rave" is...everyone dances, doesn't do drugs, TV cameras film them. So I was right (again) and it is super lame. At least I get to watch Bruce dance in the montage. Carl introduces Win and Manny to the DJ, and the DJ is a fan of Win's stupid sound effects (this episode is SO BORING!!!! Go back to BRUCE!!!!!).
Jess is rehearsing her anti-drug speech..."Dope is for dummies, and drugs are for slugs" (she wonders who writes that crap...I'm going to blame Jamie Suzanne). She looks stunning in a leopard-print mini dress, BTW. Enid and Liz show up, and Liz forces Enid into talking to Ronnie's dad. Ronnie is with him, and they don't want to hear what Enid has to say. Cue sappy music, Enid gives a monologue about how she changed her life and still is paying for her mistakes. Jess shows up and says Enid should do the campaign, because she's FOR REAL, Mr. Ronnie wants to do Jess, so he agrees. Ronnie apologizes, wants to make up, but Enid suddenly grew a pair, so she blows him off. Mr. Edwards tells Jess that she's impressed him, and Liz volunteers Jess to answer phones for his anti-drug telethon. Lila shows up and gives Jess the muumuu. Liz says she's proud of Jess, but that she has to stand far away from her while wearing the muumuu.

*Bruce's dancing...that's about it. This episode was TERRIBLE, Enid is boring, and I. Just. Don't. Care.

*Enid. Don't care, don't care, don't care!!!!!
*Pretty much all of this episode -minus the scenes with Bruce.

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