Thursday, March 3, 2011

Great TV Viewing- First Half of Season One

Eleven episodes into the first season!!!! Here's what's happened so far...

*Jess almost gets date raped, forgets about it by the next episode
*Todd threatens to kill someone in about 80% of the episodes, but he has yet to do so
*Todd also likes to threaten to punch people, but so far he has only punched Bruce, and Bruce totally kicked his ass for it
*Lila has red hair and drives a Miata
*Enid used to do drugs and I wish she was still doing them because she seemed much cooler back then
*Liz and Todd are in love, Jess thinks it's gross
*Todd had a motorcycle, crashed it, put Liz into a coma, but she's OK now and it has never been mentioned again
*Winston and Manny have a radio show
*We have yet to see Ned and Alice, but we heard Ned's voice once
*Steven does not exist (A Christmas Without Steven...I must have missed that one)
*Liz writes a gossip column, and short stories that are totally just James Bond movies with lamer plots and re-named characters
*Jess fell in love with a Prince, he basically blew her off, she forgets about it after that episode
*Some asshole painted Jessica naked, Liz was mostly just upset because Jess looks like her and people might think that was LIZ in the painting (doubtful)

Coming Up In Future Episodes...
Liz takes some pictures, Bruce starts his OWN VERSION OF THE UNICORN CLUB (!!!!!FAVORITE EPISODE!!!!!), Somebody steals a diary (please, please let it be Crazy Margo!!!!)...

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